Liposomal Products

Liposomal Nutrients: The New Generation of Dietary Supplements

Applying liposomal technology to nutrients is the greatest innovation ever in the field of nutritional supplements. This liposomal technique is now very successfully applied to nutrients that usually have a low bioavailability. Due to their special structure, liposomes are able to protect 95% of the anchored nutrients from/against the gastric juice and the digestive enzymes so that they can enter the bloodstream unhindered. This makes liposomes a superior and innovative means of transport. Finally, the liposomes effortlessly fuse with the cell membrane, as their composition is identical to that of the cell membrane. After fusion, the body uses the liposome as a building material.

The special properties of Somavita® liposomal food supplements

Somavita® uses a unique and natural production method in the manufacture of the liposomes without the use of chemicals, heat and high pressure. This achieves a very high purity, stability and bioavailability of the active ingredients. All Somavita® liposomal products contain only pure nutrients anchored in these liposomes without any additives added.

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