Liposomal Nutrients: The New Generation of Food Supplements

Liposomal Nutrients: The New Generation of Food Supplements

Liposomes the formula for success

Anchoring nutrients in liposomes is the greatest innovation ever in the field of nutritional supplements. The biggest challenge in the development of a nutritional supplement is to maximize the bioavailability of the nutrients while guaranteeing the stability of the active ingredients. Liposomal technique is the answer to these issues.

The higher the bioavailability of a nutrient, the more of this nutrient ultimately ends up where it belongs: the body’s cells. The biggest barriers to overcome are the gastrointestinal tract and the cell membrane. In many of the traditionally produced nutritional supplements, a large part of the nutrients is already broken down by the gastric juice or digestive enzymes. Of this remaining part of these nutrients, only a small part reaches the cells. Because the nutrients in these traditional food supplements are not organically bound, it is difficult for them to pass through the cell membrane. Ultimately, in this case, only 5% of the ingested nutrients actually enter the body cells.

The liposomal technique is now very successfully used in nutritional supplements. Due to their special structure, liposomes are able to deliver 95% of the nutrients in their original state into the cell without any hindrance from the gastric juice, the digestive enzymes or the cell membrane. This makes them a superior and innovative means of transport. It is a highly effective method resulting in unprecedented bioavailability. Liposomes consist of phospholipid molecules that are arranged in such a way that they form a protective fat globule, as it were. Within this protection is the active ingredient such as a mineral, vitamin or herb. Our body naturally produces its own liposomes. Since liposomes are endogenous, they are not broken down in the digestive tract. Finally, the liposomes effortlessly fuse with the cell membrane because the composition of the liposome is identical to that of the cell membrane. After fusion, the body uses the liposome as a building material.

The effectiveness of liposomes is a proven fact; in fact, it is an invention from the pharmaceutical industry. They have been looking for ways to allow medicines to reach the cells of the body unharmed. Liposomal encapsulation of drugs has been used successfully in the pharmaceutical industry for years. Liposomal administration offers great advantages in (cancer) drugs in particular, because the substance is delivered directly to specific cells or tissues. In the development of food supplements, the liposomal technique is gratefully used in order to obtain a very high bioavailability of the active substances.

The special properties of Somavita® liposomal food supplements

Most liposomal nutritional supplements are in liquid form. The Somavita® liposomal products, on the other hand, are in solid form, which gives a number of important advantages. These are manufactured with a unique and progressive production method, which naturally achieves superior quality and purity.

The Problem of Traditionally Manufactured Liposomal Dietary Supplements

The traditional way of making liposomes is the liquid form. This can only be obtained when chemicals, heat and high pressure are used during the production process. This does entail the great risk that the nutrients will be damaged and contaminated. If these are encapsulated liposomally after, this means that this damaged nutrient with contaminants comes directly into the cell. In addition, the liposomes obtained in this way have poor stability, necessitating the addition of undesired excipients. Of course, these factors ensure that the obtained liposomal supplement has an adverse effect on health.

Benefits of Somavita® liposomal products

The Somavita® liposomes, on the other hand, are manufactured using a natural production method. This is based on the way our body produces liposomes itself. During the entire production process, absolutely no chemicals, high pressure or heat are used. The result is a liposomal product that is 100% natural with an unprecedented high bioavailability. In addition, the liposomes obtained in this way are very stable, so that it is possible to use only pure ingredients without additives in the production.

 Common Liquid Liposomal Supplements  Somavita® Liposomal Supplements
 Manufactured using chemicals, high pressure and heat  Natural production method
 High risk of damage and contamination of the nutrients during  production  Unprecedented purity and protection of the nutrients
 Liquid form  Solid form
 Poor stability of the liposomes, excipients are necessary  Very stable liposomes, no additives required
 Limited shelf life  Long shelf life
 Must be kept refrigerated  Does not need to be kept refrigerated
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