The natural plant derived minerals from the original spring in the Rocky Mountains

The natural plant derived minerals from the original spring in the Rocky Mountains

  • More than 84 different minerals and trace elements of plant origin in a natural composition
  • Obtained from a special plant source from prehistoric times through a natural and pure extraction process
  • Unparalleled high bioavailability
  • Rich in fulvic acid, the natural organic carrier for minerals
  • 100% natural, without (artificial) additives such as flavors and preservatives, free from GMO and nanotechnology
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Special primal minerals from the Rocky Mountains: colloidal minerals

The secret of these micro-minerals lies in their special structure. The SomaVita Rocky Mountain Prime Minerals consist of natural colloidal minerals. These minerals are anchored in a natural herbal complex compound, which is the organic carrier for the trace elements. Since these organic minerals and trace elements are of vegetable origin, they are naturally colloidal and organically bound. These are so special because the particles do not dissolve but remain in a suspended state. Colloidal means that the mineral itself is small (5000-7000 times smaller than red blood cells) and its diameter is only a few nanometers. They are also negatively charged. Since these natural colloidal minerals are of vegetable origin, they have a high bioavailability.

Synergistic effect

The synergistic effect is characteristic of the Rocky Mountain original minerals: the effect is greater than the sum of the minerals and trace elements combined. This effect arises because the minerals are originally in a vegetable state (naturally colloidal and organically bound). The variety of elements and the relationship to each other also play a role. Since the Rocky Mountain Ur-Mineral is organic and has a synergistic effect, it is highly bioactive. The Rocky Mountain primal minerals ensure that vitamins are better absorbed and can fulfill their function.

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