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Since 2003 we have been a supplier of the special Phyto-Microminerals of plant based origin, which come from the unique, original source from the Rocky Mountains.

Since then we have gained extensive experience with these minerals and trace elements. We have regular direct contact with the supplier. In this way we can guarantee that these minerals in natural form are and remain of unprecedented quality and purity.

During the mining and extraction process of the Phyto-Microminerals, it is ensured that the natural structure of the minerals is fully preserved. This keeps the product completely pure and free from any possible contamination.

These minerals come from the plant remains of a prehistoric rainforest that has been preserved in biological structure. That is why this mineral complex contains the full spectrum of minerals and trace elements, including the rare earth elements such as the lanthanides.

These minerals and trace elements in liquid form were naturally bound to fulvic acid by the plants in prehistoric times. This achieves unparalleled bio-availability.

All this ensures that SomaVita’s Rocky Mountain Primal Minerals contain the minerals and trace elements as nature intended.


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Somavita Phyto-Microminerals Primal Essence

At SomaVita you will find the unique and rare minerals from the Rocky Mountains. Millions of years ago, these old-growth forests in the southern Rocky Mountains were buried by lava. This rich soil still contains an abundance of minerals and trace elements unlike conventional soil. An advanced extraction method produces a high-quality extract with at least 80 minerals and trace elements of plant origin: the SomaVita Phyto-Minerals Primal Essence. It has a very high bioavailability and an enormous purity. The mineral complex consists of purely plant derived minerals and is therefore a completely natural dietary supplement. Thanks to the Phyto-Minerals Primal Essence. You can replenish mineral and vitamin deficiencies, detoxify the body and speed up your metabolism.

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