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Magnesium capsules

At SomaVita® you can easily order magnesium capsules online. Magnesium minerals are among the most important nutrients for the human organism. A magnesium deficiency can have numerous unpleasant consequences and even lead to serious health problems. Therefore, it is always important to ensure a regular and sufficient magnesium intake.

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Magnesium in capsules from the Rock Mountains

The magnesium minerals that we offer in capsules come from the Rocky Mountains and originate from prehistoric plant sources. They are characterized by their outstanding bio-availability. This means that the magnesium minerals are very well absorbed by the body. Thanks to our sophisticated extraction method, you can rely on the consistently high quality of every magnesium capsule and our other dietary supplements.

Alleviate discomfort with magnesium minerals

Physically very active people in particular need a lot of magnesium, as it is essential for nerve cell communication. If the body lacks magnesium, this becomes noticeable in many places. Calf cramps or cramps in the chewing muscles are often the first signs of such a deficiency. In the long run, a lack of minerals and vitamins can make you feel less efficient and cause loss of physical strength. Likewise, sleep and the general nervous condition can suffer from the deficiency.

Order these important minerals

Would you like more information from us about the magnesium capsules available? Call SomaVita® on +31 (0) 320 202100 for advice on magnesium minerals or our wider range of products. We look forward to your call and are happy to provide you with expert advice and quality mineral and nutritional products.

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 32,95  0,21 / Capsule

  • Six different strains
  • Ten billion live bacteria in one capsule
  • Specially selected specialist bacteria
  • Only pure ingredients
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • Glass packaging

 39,95  0,67 / Capsule

  • No use of chemicals, heat and high pressure
  • Highly stable liposomes
  • Only pure ingredients
  • Unprecedented high bio-availability
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

 19,95  0,67 / Capsule

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