Marine Phyto-Plankton (150 caps)

Marine Phyto-Plankton (150 caps)


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  • Naturally liposomal by phospholipid carriers
  • Nutrients with exceptionally high bioavailability
  • Rich in Omega-3 fatty acid EPA
  • Perfect vegan alternative to fish oil
  • Unprecedented pure and pure, no additives

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. In Miron® violet glass packaging.

Marine Phytoplankton is a saltwater micro-algae, which, like spirulina and chlorella, belongs to the single-celled algae. Algae are small microscopic plants. Phytoplankton have been at the base of the Earth’s food chain for billions of years since the first life in the oceans to the present day. All living things in the oceans are directly dependent on it. Moreover, marine phytoplankton provides about 70 percent of all oxygen on Earth. Life literally begins with marine phyto plankton.

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What makes SomaVita’s Marine Plankton so special?

Given the rising levels of mercury and other toxic metals found in many cold-water fish, many scientists advise avoiding fish oil altogether. Moreover, fish cannot produce omega 3 themselves. They ingest this with the plant food, such as the phyto plankton. Marine Phyto Plankton from SomaVita delivers this valuable omega 3 with unprecedented high bioavailability to the human body without an intermediate step.

There are more than 40,000 species of phytoplankton. Only the species called Nannochloropsis Gaditana are suitable for human consumption. This is the algae that is used in SomaVita’s Marine Phyto Plankton.

In contrast to chlorella, the cell wall of Marine Phyto Plankton does not need to be cracked. The cell wall of the phytoplankton can be left intact because it is perfectly digestible for humans. No chemicals, heat or high pressure need to be used in production. Nor are preservatives, aids, colorings and flavors required.

Unsurpassed pure and pure

Our Marine Phyto Plankton is grown in a specially developed technologically advanced photobioreactor. This mimics the natural growth situation for the phytoplankton as much as possible. The bioreactor consists of transparent closed tube systems in which the Nannochloropsis Gaditana algae can grow undisturbed without competition from other algae. Only sunlight is used for natural photosynthesis. The water for the cultivation is extracted from primeval sea water (about 130,000 years old) that has been extracted from deep within the earth. This primeval seawater is 100% pure and very rich in minerals and trace elements.

The microalgae are grown on selected food grade nutrients under the HACCP-based ISO22000, Kosher and GMP+ certification. As a result, the cultivated Marine Phyto Plankton is guaranteed to be free of contaminants and heavy metals. The production system is environmentally friendly. No pesticides, herbicides or additives such as preservatives are used. Each production batch is continuously checked for quality according to all strict European requirements.

Incredibly rich in essential nutrients

Marine Phyto Plankton is very rich in nutrients with a high nutritional value. This algae contains a complete range of amino acids, chlorophyll, enzymes, vitamins, trace elements and minerals. Most importantly, it contains extremely high amounts of the omega-3 fatty acid EPA.

Among other components Marine Phytoplankton contains:

  •     Long-Chain Omega-3 Fatty Acids – EPA
  •     All essential fatty acids (Omega-3 and -6)
  •     All 9 amino acids that the body cannot make itself
  •     Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, C and E
  •     Minerals (calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, magnesium)
  •     Trace elements (selenium, iodine, zinc and iron)
  •     Antioxidants
  •     Chlorophyll

The Marine Phyto Plankton is incredibly rich in high-quality and essential oils with an exceptionally high bioavailability.

The Marine Phyto Plankton Nannochloropsis gaditana from SomaVita is an excellent source of valuable omega oils, in particular it excels in the essential fatty acid eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA, 20: 5 omega-3) which makes up 28% of the total fatty acids respectively.

The EPA is present as a phospholipid. This is an omega-3 phospholipid not found in any other vegetarian source. These phospholipids are also not found in other commercially available microalgae such as spirulina and chlorella. Phytoplankton phospholipids enhance the function of EPA through better absorption. Phospholipid carriers efficiently promote the transport of omega-3 fatty acids throughout the body and uptake across cell membranes. It can be said that the EPA in these phospholipids are naturally liposomally bound. The bioavailability and effectiveness of this EPA oil in our Marine Phytoplankton is exceptionally high.

Omega-3 fatty acids have a protective effect with regard to cardiovascular disease.

Omega-3 fatty acids lower blood pressure, clotting factor and blood fats and reduce the risk of arteriosclerosis and sudden heart failure.

In addition, they contribute to the formation of vasodilator tissue hormones, an increased fluidity of the cell membranes and an optimization of the flow characteristics of the blood.

Marine Phyto Plankton algae are rich in antioxidants. An important antioxidant is chlorophyll. This pigment makes the plankton turn green.

Marine Phyto Plankton Nannochloropsis gaditana is also a good source of several carotenoid pigments, including beta-carotene, violaxanthin, and vitamins, including tocopherols that act as antioxidants. Finally, marine phytoplankton Nannochloropsis gaditana is a source of various sterols and valuable minerals.

Unsurpassed Bioavailability

Because the molecules of the nutrients are no less than 5 times smaller than a red blood cell, the absorption of the nutrients is not dependent on the digestive system or the liver. As a result, Marine Phyto Plankton is 100% absorbed by the body, it immediately penetrates the cell. Marine Phyto Plankton is therefore naturally liposomal. This makes Marine Phyto Plankton unique.

Miron glass

In order to be able to store the valuable Marine Phyto Plankton as well as possible, we use the sustainable violet glass from Miron®. This glass acts as a natural filter, allowing only the rays of light to pass through that protect the contents and promote shelf life. The glass blocks all visible light, with the exception of violet light. This ensures optimum protection of the contents against the harmful effects of visible light, protecting the shelf life and efficacy.

It is recommended to keep the algae in the original packaging and to close it properly after opening.

Due to the Health Claims Regulation and the KOAG/KAG, we are allowed to use the powerful effect of the long-chain Omega-3 fatty acids – EPA, essential fatty acids (Omega-3 and -6), 9 amino acids that the body cannot produce itself, vitamins A, B1 , B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, C and E, minerals (calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, magnesium), trace elements (selenium, iodine, zinc and iron), antioxidants and chlorophyll not mentioned here. By searching the internet with for example for one of the above nutrients and “research” one can find a lot of scientific health articles that specifically discuss this.

Additional information

Weight 0,300 kg

Composition per 5 capsules

Quantity %NRV*
Fatty acids
Total of mono unsaturated fatty acids 121,6 mg **
Total of poly unsaturated fatty acids 186 mg **
Total of saturated fatty acids 92,4 mg **
C14:0 Myristic acid 14,4 mg **
C16:0 Palmitic acid 91,6 mg **
C16:1 (omega-7) Palmitoleic acid 120 mg **
C18:1 (omega-9) Oleic acid 21,2 mg **
C18:2 (omega-6) Lineolic acid 12,4 mg **
C20:3 (omega-6) Dihomo-y-linolenic acid 4,4 mg **
C20:4 (omega-6) Arachidon acid 16,8 mg **
C20:5 (omega-3) EPA Eicosapentaenoic acid 140 mg **
Amino acids
L-Alanine 66,4 mg **
L-Arginine 51,8 mg **
L-Aspartic acid 79,2 mg **
L-Cystein + L-Cystine 7,4 mg **
L-Glutamic acid 110 mg **
L-Glycine 50 mg **
L-Histidine 17,8 mg **
L-Isoleucine 39 mg **
L-Leucine 79,4 mg **
L-Lysine 56,4 mg **
L-Methionine 18,4 mg **
L-Phenylalanine 43,2 mg **
L-Proline 45,2 mg **
L-Serine 37,4 mg **
L-Threonine 44 mg **
L-Tyrosine 32,4 mg **
L-Trypthophan 14,2 mg **
L-Valine 54,8 mg **
Calcium 16,56 mg 2,07
Phosphorus 26,4 mg **
Iron 6,6 mg **
Iodine 44 mcg **
Potassium 20,6 **
Manganese 0,54 mg **
Magnesium 9,54 mg 2,54
Selenium 1,72 mcg 0,003
Sodium 28 mg **
Zinc 98 mcg 0,392
Sulfur 12,38 mg **
Vitamine B1 (Thiamine) 15,8 mcg 1,44
Vitamine B2 (riboflavin) 26 mcg 1,86
Vitamine B6 (pyridoxine) 34 mcg 2,43
Vitamine B8 (biotin) 0,8 mcg **
Vitamine B11 (folic acid) 0,28 mcg **
Vitamine B12 (cobalamin) 0,32 mcg 12,80
Vitamine C (acorbic acid) 1506 mcg 1,88
Vitamine E (alpha tocoferol) 330 mcg 2,75
β-carotene 30 mgc **
Chlorofyll a 0,6 mcg **
Hydroxy carotenoids 1,8 mcg **

*Nutrient Reference Value **not established

Content Nannochloropsis gaditana micro-algae

Other ingredients Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose
(vegetarian capsule)

No fillers, only pure ingredients. Free from GMO, gluten, soy, lactose, preservatives, artificial colours, flavours and fragrances

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Recommended daily intake 5 capsules a day with plenty of water during a meal

Storage keep closed, dark, dry and cool.

Mandatory statement according to food law: The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded and is not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet. Keep out of reach for small children.