Miron® Violet glass

Miron® Violet Glass

Because we aim for top quality, our products are packed in Miron® violet glass where possible. Due to the unique combination of total protection against the full spectrum of visible light and simultaneous transmittance of the UV, violet and infrared light range, Miron® violet glass offers much better protection to products than other types of glass, such as green, brown and clear glass. Microbiological changes due to the influence of light do not occur with Miron® violet glass, even after many months. As a result, the Miron® violet glass increases the shelf life of our products and extends the efficacy of our products.

How it works

Miron® violet glass offers full protection against the weakening frequencies of visible light on the one hand, and is permeable in the energy-rich spectrum of violet/ultraviolet and infrared on the other. The degradation process is slowed down and the subtle bio-energy remains at the original level for a long time. This explains the preservative effect of the Miron® glass. No other glass offers this unique combination of total protection against visible light and simultaneous permeability in the UV, violet and infrared range.

Scientific tests

The Swiss company Miron Violet Glass AG has carried out several scientific tests in recent years to substantiate the benefits of Miron violet glass. This test was done with almond oil, spirulina algae, rose water, drinking water, olive oil, grains, honey and fruit to see what protective quality Miron® violet glass offers, how the violet glass functions and what it processes. Taste, smell, colour, structure and enzymes are better preserved than in any other packaging used to date. This extends the durability and potency of products.


Since 2008, Miron® violet glass AG, together with several beekeepers from Germany, has been conducting several tests to analyze the quality of honey kept in Miron® violet glass. The main focus was the analysis of the active ingredient that inhibits the growth of seeds and the aroma in honey. A final conclusion is that the honey stored in Miron® violet glass does not break down its ingredients, but in fact retains the taste, smell, colour, structure and enzymes considerably better than in other containers known or used to date.

In order to easily demonstrate the quality retention of certain nutrients in the Miron® violet glass, a microbiological experiment was also carried out with cherry tomatoes. In this trial, one cherry tomato was stored for 7 months in an ordinary white glass and another in a Miron® violet glass, at room temperature and without direct sunlight. After those 7 months, the result was photographed. The microbiological change of the first tomato in white glass could be clearly observed. But the tomato in the violet glass showed no loss of color or dehydration.

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