Laboratory analysis of minerals of plant origin from the Rocky Mountains

Laboratory analysis of minerals of plant origin from the Rocky Mountains

We recently had various analyzes performed on the minerals we previously carried and on our new mineral product, the SomaVita Rocky Mountain Primal Essence.

The purpose of the analysis is to compare both products. We are pleased to announce that the analysis results have confirmed our own research. The results of the various analyzes clearly show that the new SomaVita microminerals excel in a number of ways.

We had various analyzes carried out by 2 renowned institutes: Institut Fresenius and Vortex Vitalis.

  • Institut Fresenius is an expert in the field of food analysis. They use the most modern laboratory infrastructure, which forms the basis for highly professional tests in the field of nutrients.
  • Vortex Vitalis specializes in measuring, cleaning and vitalizing products from the food industry. In addition, water, plants and living environment. Vortex Vitalis is managed by Frank Silvis. Originally an engineer, he has been involved in hydraulic engineering and water treatment for many years. Over time he realized that water is an energy carrier. He also realized that everything is an energy source: vegetables, fruit and other products from the food industry are also energy sources. In the Netherlands today he is THE authority on measuring, cleaning and increasing the energetic value of food and water. This vitality is expressed, among other things, in the Bovis value.

Analysis Institute Fresenius

A comparison of Fresenius’ analyzes shows the following: Analysis of some minerals (mg/15 ml)

 Mineral  SomaVita Rocky Mountain Microminerals  Phyto-Mikromineralien Primal Essence
Calcium  2,2099  0,8799
Chromium 0,0030 0,0030
Copper 0,0030 0,0023
Iron 0,0849 0,5054
Magnesium 22,0993 1,4755
Manganese 0,2952 0,0340

The table above shows that SomaVita Ur-Minerals has a higher concentration of most minerals.

Update (17 Nov 2021): The label of the Phyto-Microminerals Primal Essence bottle contains values that are about 2 times lower! See also mineral composition comparison.

However, the most interesting difference comes from the following analysis, which gives the amount of solids (in this case minerals) in grams per liter:

 Product  Solids (gram/liter)
SomaVita Rocky Mountain Microminerals  9,1
Phyto-Mikromineralien Primal Essence

The analysis above clearly shows that SomaVita prehistoric Minerals contains more than 3 times as much minerals and trace elements. This affects the entire spectrum of organically bound plant minerals.


The above shows that our new product, the SomaVita original minerals from the Rocky Mountains, is superior in concentration and composition of minerals and trace elements.

Literature recommendation

Minerals: Why We Need Them – Joseph Hattersley, Pat Thomas and Lynne McTaggart What Doctors Don’t Tell You (Volume 13, Issue 9).

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