Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about our new product SomaVita Phyto-Microminerals Primal Essence

How does our new product differ from the Phyto-Mikromineralien Ur-Essenz?

SomaVita BV is continuously working to improve the quality of its products. For example, we have the renowned Phyto-Mikromineralien Ur-Essenz, which comes from the company T.J. Clark in Utah, replaced with a mineral extract from another supplier. In many ways, our new mineral product is therefore greatly improved in structure and composition. The concentration of most minerals is also higher, especially magnesium, calcium and manganese. 

What are the similarities with the Phyto-Mikromineralien Ur-Essenz?

Our new mineral product SomaVita Phyto-Microminerals Primal Essence contain also the legendary phytogenic minerals that are organically bound. They come from the same original natural source as those of T.J. Clark. The extraction process is also performed using the same natural method.

But are T.J. Clark’s liquid minerals not better because they say they have the original?

T.J. Clark claims to be the original of these phytogenic minerals from this particular source because they “would have access to the original source.” Other suppliers of these minerals mention T.J. Clark as “The pretender”. What is most important is that our mineral product comes from the same original natural source and are extracted in the same natural way. In reality, T.J. Clark ownsonly a small part of the available resource and they cannot mine the resources themselves. As a result, they are limited in the variation of the vegetation available to them. Our supplier has access to a much larger area and is able to mine the raw materials itself. This allows them to use a greater variety of plant remains, which has a positive effect on the composition of the mineral spectrum.

Is the composition comparable to the Phyto-Mikromineralien Ur-Essenz?

Because our new supplier has access to a much larger area of ​​prehistoric plant remains, our SomaVita Phyto-Microminerals Primal Essence has a richer composition of the full spectrum of minerals and trace elements.

Why does the taste differ so much from that of the Phyto-Mikromineralien Ur-Essenz?

If you are used to the Phyto-Mikromineralien Ur-Essenz, the difference in taste with our new mineral product SomaVita Phyto-Microminerals Primal Essence can be surprising. Minerals generally have a strongly pronounced taste. Due to the richer composition of our new mineral product, this will give a completely different taste experience. In particular, SomaVita Phyto-Microminerals Primal Essence contains much more magnesium. Unfortunately, magnesium generally does not have a pleasant taste. However, magnesium is an essential mineral, which most people are very deficient in. The big advantage of the Phyto-Microminerals Primal Essence is that it also contains the co-factors to properly assimilate magnesium in the body. An example of this is the mineral silicon, which is also present in organic form in these new minerals. 

Some suppliers choose to add a flavor to the liquid minerals, such as that of raspberries. This improves the taste experience, but the downside is that one is then forced to add preservatives. This option is excluded for SomaVita. We go for the most pure and natural ingredients. It is excluded that we allow the use of, among other things, preservatives. For us, a pure product is much more important than a more pleasant taste experience. If you still want to improve the taste experience, you can take the liquid minerals with some fruit juice.

Does SomaVita Phyto-Microminerals Primal Essence have also the same phytogenic minerals in natural colloidal state such as those of T.J. Clark?

Both products come from the same natural source containing the plant remains of a prehistoric forest that has been well preserved. The extraction process also takes place in the same natural way. We did, however, find substantial differences in the composition, structure and quality of the natural colloidal and organic compound from the old supplier T.J. Clark and our new supplier. In many ways, the new supplier’s minerals appear to be of higher quality.

The new supplier has access to a much larger area with the prehistoric plant remains. This allows a greater variation in the plant remains and thus also in the mineral composition.

When the minerals are naturally organically bound with the fulvic acid from the plant kingdom, these minerals are in a natural colloidal state in pure water. In that case, the particles (fulvic acid with the various minerals) hang in the liquid without precipitating on the bottom.

Is there a comparison test in which the Rocky Mountain Phyto-Micromineralien Ur-Essenz is compared with the SomaVita Phyto-Microminerals Primal Essence from the Rocky Mountains?

Yes, the results of this comparison can be seen here.

How do the minerals from the SomaVita Phyto-Microminerals Primal Essence differ from other liquid minerals on the market such as those from the Great Salt Lake?

Our Phyto-Microminerals Primal Essence from the Rocky Mountains cannot be compared to the minerals that come from The Great Salt Lake in Utah.

The minerals of Phyto-Microminerals Primal Essence have a very high bioavailability due to the fact that these minerals have been pre-digested by the plant kingdom of the then prehistoric rainforest. This exceptionally high bioavailability is obtained thanks to the naturally present fulvic acid in the plant minerals. Fulvic acid is a liquid, extremely light, organic molecule capable of binding and transporting nutrients. It is an excellent natural transporter of nutrients. The fulvic acid binds the substances converted by the micro-organisms, such as the minerals and trace elements that the plant needs. This allows the plant to easily absorb these nutrients through the roots. The fulvic acid then releases it inside the cell.

In contrast, the minerals that come from The Great Salt Lake are only available in ionic form. The ionic form is the simplest form in which the mineral salts, which consist of an electrically positively charged part and a negatively charged part, are dissolved in water. Minerals in ionic form are difficult to assimilate by our body. The table below shows the extent to which the minerals can be absorbed by the body in various forms.

This table shows that minerals, which come from plant material, have the highest bioavailability. Thanks to the binding with the fulvic acid, an absorption of almost 100% can be achieved. This is the natural form of the minerals as nature intended. This shows that the bioavailability of the minerals in the SomaVita Phyto-Microminerals Primal Essence is unparalleled.

Are some minerals and trace elements not a health concern?

What many people do not understand, and in particular many nutritionists do not, is that it is essential in what form a mineral occurs. Aluminum is known to be toxic. However, it can be assumed that it occurs frequently in our diet because no less than 8.13% of the earth’s crust consists of aluminum.

This would mean that we would already be poisoned by eating 1 banana! Why this didn’t happen is because the aluminum is, as it were, pre-digested by the plant kingdom and by the microbes in the soil. These have organically bound the aluminum and this aluminum is easy to transport by means of the fulvic acid. As a result, the aluminum cannot settle in the body, but is removed immediately. This is in contrast to aluminum in inorganic form, which can attach itself to the body fibres.

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